5/5 – The Death of Cinema/New Media &Film History

Technology today is rapidly developing becoming more advanced everyday. It seems so long ago that the VCR was around and for others, film stock. In Anne Friedberg’s The End of Cinema: Multimedia and the Technological Change, she talks about this technological changes and how its shifted throughout the past decade being “dramatically transformed.” The line that separated all these technologies is becoming thinner and thinner as the years pass by slowly crossing and combining. She lists the VCR as one that started it all preparing us for computer screens. “The VCR demolished the aura of live television and the broadcast event.” She notes how it provided sort of a ‘time-shift’ we are in control of. This I feel to be very much true. It was similar to a mini time-machine. “For Virilio, the VCR produces a time that is shifted, borrowed, made asynchronous.“ We were finally able to record and re-watch whatever we wanted. We had the option to skip commercials, forward, rewind, and replay. ‘Going back in time’ was something new for many people. Sadly we weren’t able to physically travel back in time but we were able to experience the past and have control over what part of the ‘past’ we wanted to re-live. This was an impact on how information was given and received too. There was no longer a need of live broadcasts because it could just be recorded and played back to conviently be watched at another time. Though at one time the theatre industry thought that it would take their consumers away, but instead it was able to help them gain more business with advertisement. Soon there was basic cable and with that, what we now know to be basic cable such as MTV, CNN, USA, TBS, and Nickelodeon. This is another way the line of separation thins because it this is where pop culture and what’s ‘hot’ comes into play – MEDIA AND ITS INFLUENCE!!!

Though I very much appreciate this technology, I also feel that this was the start of human separation, the gain of control, and a distraction of our everyday life. As humans we try to manipulate and control everything around us and pass it off as developing technology with everything becoming easier to access with our fingertips. Jobs people once filled are now being replaced with machines. Many people, especially children and young adults are forgetting the value of work and ‘earning’ a living. Yes, technology is meant to simplify work and make harder things easier for us to do, but we are losing the sense of working overall… almost becoming lazy. Such as the development of the remote control for, as Friedberg likes to call, “the couch-bound viewer.” Developing technology is also slowly spacing human contact apart. Nowadays, more people text each other than see each other in person or even on the phone. We have Skype, video-chat, email, and messaging to communicate with each other moving away from physical contact. Most children in families today would much rather be distracted with a Gameboy, Playstation, X-Box, or Wii than hang out or talk with their family member. Its coming to a point where we are alienating ourselves from our own kind and relating more to technology than the person next to us. I can see technology advancing so much that there will be no need for human contact or human contact becoming difficult to establish with a growing reliance on technology.

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