5/12 – New Digital Media: Cinema & Reality Redefined

Micahel Allen’s The Impact of Digital Technologies on Film Aesthetics discusses how technology such as computer-generated imagining (CGI) has had a large impact over film-making over many of the last years. I was very drawn to Live and Virtual, how CGI and live film action are combined to produce a remarkable scene in which one stays glued to the screen and can’t tell much of a difference between what is real and what is fake. He notes that “it is rare that several CGI shots are run together in a sequence at any one time.” Though many times we can mistake CGI for live action (except, of course, really dramatic explosions and other scenes similar), for the most part what we see on the screen we perceive as reality. But he makes a good point, having many CGI shots together would be easily noticed. One can be wrapped up in watching a film but many are able to spot what’s fake. In having these scenes back to back, ones eye would be drawn to these shots. “You have to use the stuff [model effects and animatronics] judiciously and keep referencing it with the real actors so that you never get the impression that you are looking at a puppet.” This has become a large film technique used today. Shoot the live action scenes and the ‘big scenes’ leave to be computed so that the audience can’t be broken from their trance. In any good film, the director never wants the audience to see the strings holding up his actor.’ They want their audience to get lost in the film and be drawn into the film through this film technique.

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  1. dcooper101 Says:

    i agree! if you want to talk about that you could also bring up Avatar who really relies on CGI for its storytelling method!

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