Third Cinema

I found Julio Garcia Espinosa’s, For an Imperfect Cinema to be the most interesting. First off, in the beginning, he mentions that the ‘temptation’ for Cuba is turning their cinema into a ‘perfect one.’ But then he takes a step into film more generally, stating that filmmakers today are a minority because there are limited resources. He questions technology and the time people have, realizing that these factors contribute to why more people aren’t filmmakers, such as if people didn’t have to work as many hours or if the technology was available to many more. According to him, we’d reach a social justice- “the possibility for everyone to make films.” It is clear to see how passionate Espinosa is about cinema and how people get there inspiration. In stating that ’art is not work’ he states that its more of a second nature. Everyone has the potential to create something and it should be created through their want to do it, not a force. Furthermore, there inspiration of creating something, he notes, is always influenced by something. No matter what type of art one creates, they had to have been influenced or motivated by someone, something, or someplace because, according to Espinosa, “art does not develop freely.” Which I find to be very true. Nowadays, no idea is truly original or unique. It can be unique in that there is a combination of past ideas put into one, but the point it, you got the idea from something else. Whoever, can’t admit they have been inspired, are pretty much liars. This also reminds me that no idea in film is unique, everything has been done new films are either re-made films, or films inspired by others. “It is possible that art gives us a vision of society or of human nature and that, at the same time, it can not be defined as a vision of society or of human nature.” Was another statement in the reading that caught my attention. Art has been around for thousands of years. At the time it may gives that vision of society and human nature. But the question is, from who’s perspective? Which is why it also cannot be defined. As is all art, it is only that one person’s perception. He also see’s art as a stimulus to change a person, similar to how certain colors, scents, images changes the way a person feels and thinks. He captures how important it is for one to express themselves whether or not a person may understand them. And how important art is at influencing someone as it is to be influenced by a third substance. Glauber Rocha’s ‘An Esthetic of Hunger,’ talks about the colonization of Latin America.  According to Rocha, a European does not understand their misery, as Latin America does not communicate their misery to them.  its somewhat negative in that he feels that the only reason artistic development in underdeveloped Latin American countries is of interest to the Europeans is becuae the want to study their ‘primitve’ art forms. ‘Primitive’ in that it is ‘uncivilized’ in comparison to colonial conditioning. Though, Latin America’s ‘hunger,’ he states, is what gives it it’s essence. But also comments that this hunger is also a shame and that the hunger turns to violence. According to Rocha, Cinema Novo is a cinema of reality, dipicting this normal behavior in Latin America or starvation and violence arguing that this there is a just reason for violence and therefore, is not primitive. Though, only through this violence is a Eurpoean to understand their ‘hunger.’ From this, I took that Cinema Novo is limited to developing as it’s country counrtry continues to be bound by its eonomy. I was most compelled to the end of the text where Rocha expresses his passion in Cinema Novo ending his writing with almost a speech in favor of it as well as how it sets itself apart from other forms of cinema. ”Cinema Novo sets itself apart from the commercial industry because the commitment of Industrial Cinema is to untruth and exploitation.”

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